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Email is an important part of your digital marketing mix, here at digital marketing we are able to help offer you a comprehensive email marketing from list acquisition to smaller campaigns targeted for your own existing client base, from sales emails to monthly newletters

Email Marketing. 5 Keys to effective email marketing

In today's competitive environment, the effectiveness of online advertising campaigns is decreasing so rapidly. While some companies, particularly the big portals are dedicated to offset the loss of effectiveness with a greater presence in all media, not all of us have the financial resources necessary for such waste and need to ensure effectiveness of our marketing channels.

Email marketing has suffered greatly in recent times due to bad practices by unscrupulous people who are dedicated to sending mass unsolicited messages (spam). However experts agree it is easier to reach users via email while respecting their right for intimacy and privacy, but it is important not to abuse email.

It is important to prepare and write emails that actually persuade customers and portray a positive image of our company. As always, common sense is our best ally in getting down to work, but it is worth to us summarize our experience in five golden rules that, if used correctly, can form a good bridge to effective communication :

1 Stay away from spam.

In all aspects. First, do not send electronic mail to those who do not want to receive it. It's as simple as that. You'll save legal problems, poor image and also a lot of money on bandwidth and time. Second, beware enjoyed your spam advertising messages appear. We all know what they look like spam messages and just that's how NOT have to be ours, unless we want that recipients do not bother to read them.

2. Customize your messages.

Again, this rule is twofold. First, whenever our resources permit, we should start waving messages to the recipient by name. In addition, it is possible to generate personalized messages according to preferences expressed receiver to subscribe to the mailing list. This means that our website has to be designed and fully utilizing the capabilities of the Internet. The higher the degree of personalization, the higher the level of satisfaction of the recipient, then you will find the information you are looking for more easily.

Moreover, customization can be understood from another point of view. Our messages are to try to establish a bond of trust with the receivers. Why just send a price list when we can approach the prospect, talk to him and make him see how our new products can help them in their life or work? The most effective messages are those written in conversational tone, commenting on the significant events of the moment (note: relevant to the receiver) and the most personal possible tint. That is, unless business ad and informal letter, but without going over, of course.

Compare these two examples:

"Our company is proud to present our new range of tools for electronic commerce. This new suite of applications includes many new features that make it ideal for managing Internet business tool. Among the most important features are. .. "

"Dear George, Since the summer holidays are over, meaning that we return to work at full power and that our computer becomes, once again, to our fellow sufferer for several hours a day. Thanks to your feedback, we noticed that one of the products most sought after these dates are filters for displays, so you can find on our website a selection that will help you make more bearable back to the office . "

Probably, many of those receiving the second text have never thought of buying a filter, but all have clearly gotten the message that lies behind the words. Those who receive the first email will not know distinguish it from other fifteen or twenty similar received throughout the week.

Remember one thing: our emails become our sellers, therefore, it is essential to provide them with a unique personality and pleasant. Try to imagine the previous two texts being recited by a vendor on a personal visit ... who we would stay? Our messages have to sound like a transcript of a face to face conversation.

3. Choose the correct format.

The emails can be sent in both plain text and HTML, like a web page. Our recommendation is to opt for HTML, allowing the message to add lots of advanced features and give you a more attractive appearance. However, there are several limitations to HTML: many users cannot read messages in this format, the excessive use of images can slow down the download the message and, finally, if we include in the message scripts (scripts) many current programs will display warning messages or simply not run. Therefore, we use HTML, but wisely: we ask the recipients at the time of the subscription if they can read messages in HTML and create two lists or discriminate with our application for sending email; should not exceed 35 Kb full size in our message; and must not include scripts except where absolutely essential, if that exists.

4. Beware of dates and times.

Those who have dedicated themselves to offline marketing know how important it is to choose the correct date to send a mailing. For example, August and Christmas are the two worst times of year to send junk mail. The same applies to email. So flee from the dates we think our potential clients will be out of the office or will receive large amounts of electronic correspondence. Similarly, the speed with which e-mail is transmitted, unlike its traditional cousin, allows us to choose what day and what time we want our messages to be received. Thus, we can send our electronic mailing when we create more suitable. For regular shipments, usually advisable to discontinue or reduce service in peak periods, so as not to waste our resources.

In enterprise environments, tends to assume that neither the weekend and Monday are good days to send messages because the Monday morning there is usually an excess of outstanding issues that require the attention of our receivers. Our messages are likely to be read over and archived directly. Moreover, the Friday speak more days when email is read in the office. For domestic environments, you may have to reverse the equation and focus sending on weekends.

5. Set yourself a goal ... and chase it.

Like any marketing action, sending advertising messages by email should have marked a precise, quantifiable and objective as possible. The email marketing can do many things for us: from directing visitors to our web site to generate advertising revenue directly from the message. Thus, all elements of the message must be in harmony with the goal we pursue or are investing time and money in vain. If our intention is to become regular visitors to our sites, you'd better highlight the innovations that have included or display a calendar of events, etc. If, however, we intend to take money with banners that we add to the message, these shall receive greater relevance than the text to include. Recall, however, that email marketing can help us achieve many objectives and to explore all possibilities can be a huge source of success.

As always, this list of tips is not exhaustive, but is a good base to start writing emails to help us use the Internet effectively for our business. There is more to implement them and go refining our technique as we try new things.

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